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Market Research & Marketing

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I have worked as a market researcher and marketing consultant in the creative and travel industries for nearly 20 years.

My clients come from all over the world and include private businesses, not-for-profit organisations and public entities.

I always seek new ways of improving the customer experience by combining a range of different research methods.


Market Research
Qualitative interviews
Focus groups
Participant observation
Online surveys
On-site research fieldwork
Product Development
Feasibility analyses
Innovation workshops
Product implementation
Product testing
Destination marketing strategies
Customer segmentation
Social media marketing

Selected Projects

Film tourism destination strategy, Jordan:
on-site research fieldwork, qualitative interviews, destination marketing strategy
Evaluation of direct and indirect economic effects of film productions in South Tyrol, Italy
Award-winning culinary river walk, Germany:
Conception, event planning and implementation
Longitudinal destination surveys for several regions in Bavaria, Germany:
Questionnaire design, survey implementation, analysis
Game of Thrones visitor experiences, Tourism Northern Ireland:
product testing
Marketing campaign around the movie Paddington, Visit Britain
Participant observation and customer flow analysis for three wildlife exhibition centres, Germany


Market Researcher /
Deputy Director
2007 – 2015
2005 to present
2013 to present
2017 to present

About me

Leading Film Tourism Expert

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Besides travelling, I have a deep-seated passion for film – and the link between the two. In 2004, I embarked on a three-year journey to New Zealand to write the world’s first PhD in film tourism – and a subsequent book on the experiences of film location tourists (Channel View Publications, 2009).

I have consulted destinations from around the world on film tourism and presented on this topic as a keynote speaker at more than forty industry events, including a talk at the European Parliament. In 2017, I set up award-winning startup FilmQuest, a website that showcases iconic film locations, film tourism experiences and film-related travel stories around the world.

I enjoy the outdoors, in particular hiking in my home country of New Zealand.